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PCA Infarction

PCA Infarction Medical Condition Defined & Explained
PCA Infarction Medical Condition

What's The Definition Of The Medical Condition PCA Infarction?

Formation of an area of coagulation necrosis induced by ischemia in the vascular distribution of the posterior cerebral artery. This artery supplies portions of the MESENCEPHALON (see also BRAIN STEM INFARCTIONS) and thalamus, inferomedial TEMPORAL LOBE, and medial OCCIPITAL LOBE. Clinical manifestations vary with the size and location of infarction, but include a variety of midbrain and thalamic syndromes, HEMIANOPSIA, and behavioral syndromes related to memory and processing visual information. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp793-8)

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